Libreboot x60 Notebook

Libreboot x60 Notebook

Libreboot flashed Lenovo Notebook x60

Laptop comes with 2gb ram, a 250gb hard drive, new battery and a genuine lenovo charger. Additionally, it will include a non-proprietary WiFi card. The laptop's CMOS battery has been replaced to avoid any bricking that may occur if the laptops power is completely removed. 


Cosmetic condition will vary as these are used laptops but generally will be in good condition. I do not send out laptops that have extreme cosmetic damage. I.E: major scratches and scuffs, damaged screens, extreme shine to keyboards, broken palmrests. 


Want your Libreboot laptop loaded? No, problem. Send us a message so we may help you tailor your laptop to your exact specifications. 


    Shipped with USPS Priority 2-3 Insured for domestic. 

    International orders will be shipped with USPS Priority but delievery times vary, country-to-country. 



    90 day return policy on both domestic and international orders relating to any failure in hardware of other components


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