Libreboot Flashed t400 4gb ram 320gb hd

Libreboot Flashed t400 4gb ram 320gb hd

Afforable. ready to use Libreboot Flashed T400

These will come with a varying processor of a p8400-9600. If you desire a specific processor please send me an email to see if I have that particular one in stock. 


Comes with a healthy 320gb HD with trisquel 8.0 installed. Additionally, it will come with a new battery and oem charger. As well as the libreboot compatible aethors wifi card. 

Displays vary as well, if you are looking for a particular resolution, please contact me prior to see if I have it in stock. 


*please note* There will be a default user name of ege and a password of 123. 



    We offer a 60 day warranty on all products. If for any reason you do not like or want to return it for whatever reason. You can ship it back to us for free. Additionally, we offer replacement units for issues that may arise. 


    All laptops are shipped via USPS Priority flat rate. Laptops usually ship within 1-2 days