As the sole proprietor of Flashed Tech, Jordan Smith's work day is non-stop. From flipping on the switch to the soldering iron, or logging in as root user, it truly is a labor of love. Throughout the day he tentatively responds to any questions or concerns customers may have  You could say this job requires many hats, and consequently juggling has become an art form for him.


     Jordan’s experience with customer service and electronic repair has been honed over the years at a local small business. Though, his interest in electronics didn’t start here. At a young age, he found interest in electronics and was given the opportunity at the age of twelve to build his first PC. Since then, he has found a passion in Linux and the repair side of electronics.


      It was one day while chasing the source of a non-working motherboard that he discovered something called Intel ME. Upon further research into the mysterious being that is Intel’s ME, he realized how insecure most computer systems are. Luckily for him, there was an alternative - Libreboot and Coreboot. These free and secure bios replacement changed his world. He set out on a goal: To provide affordable, quality Libreboot and Coreboot systems for people to enjoy and feel secure using.